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Mark and Lauren are a couple of wannabe children's writers who scatter their hopes, dreams and neurosises around this site like pots of cursed gold. Book reviews, short stories, videos, pictures of kittens, other weirdness and more can be found in every corner, crammed against the buckling pixel walls. Most of it comes from Mark, Lauren is regretting ever getting involved.

The Moving Pictures Bewitch You!

Ah ah ah ah ah ah, me'ladie! You have a woman's website!Mark

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Dark Thoughts

+++Project Babylon+++ +++ Artifact recovered, 12-34-4001+++ +++Recovered from orbit around 12th planet. Outer structure heavily damaged. Inside contained various technology not of our origin. Included in this, several encodings of the below transcript via different storage methods and languages, not all of which we were able to translate. Those that we did translate all resulted in ...Read on

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I ain't got time to...

A human female called Michelle has written a blog about not beating yourself up about not writing but I haven't had time to read it. Can someone give me a brief synopsis in the comments? You can find other interesting blogs at the SCBWI Ten Minute Blog Break. Some are done by an amazingly talented person called Mark Jones. Got to go do stuff but will hopefully have some techno-geeky nonsense to ...Read on

Latest Reading

A World Between Us by Lydia Syson: ¡No pasarán!

A country is torn apart by civil war as a young woman serving as a nurse is torn apart by her conflicting feelings for two young men. As the battles rage around her Felix has to make her choices in this passionate historical adventure set in Spain. I'll admit historical romance books aren't the first ones I reach for when I'm choosing something to read but I've always had an interest in the ...Read on

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